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Call me, Attorney Grant Huskey, if you are the Defendant in a criminal case.  I’ve worked almost exclusively in the criminal justice system since 2002.  I’ve handled thousands of criminal cases to include just about every crime in the Oklahoma statutes.  Whether you are charged with a Misdemeanor or a Felony, I’ll be glad to review your charges and discuss your options.    

DUI Charges

Oklahoma has declared war on Drunk Driving. Even a Misdemeanor DUI can carry jail time, expensive court costs, and the loss or restriction of your driving privileges. A first Felony DUI can carry a possibility of  FIVE years in prison or on probation; every subsequent DUI gets worse. Call me, Attorney Grant Huskey, and I’ll put my extensive experience defending DUI charges to work for you.

Assault & Battery Charges

These can range from a simple Misdemeanor which carries 90 days in jail, up to a serious Felony that can carry up to TEN years in prison. I’ve had lots of experience with every form of Assault & Battery case. Call me.    

Drug Charges

In 2018, simple possession of most drugs was changed from a Felony to a Misdemeanor. Yet, there are still many drug crimes which are Felony crimes and some of those can come with a potential punishment of LIFE in prison. I’ve handled every drug crime in the Oklahoma statutes. Call me.

Charges Where Somebody Dies

I’ve handled many cases involving death. Whether Murder, Accessory To Murder, Manslaughter, or Negligent Homicide, they are tragic cases and must be handled properly. As a Defendant, you need an attorney who knows how to protect you.    



Armed Robberies

Abuse by Caretaker

Possession of a Firearm After Felony Conviction

Actual Physical Control (of a Vehicle While Intoxicated)

Assault & Battery (Aggravated, Domestic, on a Police Officer, with a Dangerous Weapon, with a Deadly Weapon)

Child Abuse

Child Neglect

Bogus Checks

Child Pornography

Child Endangerment

Rape (1st Degree & 2nd Degree)

Burglaries (1st Degree & 2nd Degree)


Murder (1st Degree & 2nd Degree)

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Drug Crimes (Aggravated Trafficking, Endeavoring to Manufacture, Manufacturing, Maintaining a Dwelling Where Drugs Are Kept or Sold, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Simple Possession, Trafficking)


False Personation

Indecent Exposure

False Declaration to Pawn

Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property

Manslaughter (1st Degree & 2nd Degree)

Grand Larceny (Simple, from Dwelling, from Retailer)

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Every criminal law case is unique. No attorney can or should promise a certain result. But if you come in and discuss your case with me, Attorney Grant Huskey, we may find that I’ve handled other cases very similar to yours. The results obtained in previous similar cases may indicate to both of us what results we might expect.

Grant Huskey Attorney at Law